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What can you expect after hitting Submit?

So you've submitted your CV, what happens next?

1. CV and Cover Letter Submitted

Thanks for applying! We’ve received your CV and we’re reading through it. Only successful candidates will be contacted for a phone interview.

2. Phone Call from Flanagans Recruitment

One of our talented recruiters will contact you to discuss your CV, talk a bit about our company, and chat about your work experience. This should take around 20 minutes. If there’s a match, we’ll invite you to an in-person interview.

3. Invitation to in-person interview

Only successful candidates will be invited to take part in our interview process. During the process a number of things will happen:

•A face-face interview with our HR or relevant manager (approx. 25 – 30 mins)

•An opportunity for you to ask any questions and gain a better understanding about the role and company.

4. Post Interview

After the interview process, we’ll be in regular contact until a decision is made. Sometimes this can take a couple of weeks but we aim to get an answer to you as quickly as possible.

Welcome to the team!

You’ll officially be a part of the Flanagan's Family. You’re manager will keep in touch before your start date and make sure you’re feeling well prepared for the next step in your career. A big congrats and welcome!


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