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detailed visuals on using the app here.

Download the free app from the iTunes App Store or the Google play store then use the name and password we have set up for you sent in the invite email to access your account online and start ordering!

How to order

To find a product use ‘search’ for a specific product or ‘browse’ by product type and range. You will find detailed specifications on each product using the ‘i’ buttons on either desktop or mobile.

For laminates, LVT/SPC, real wood and accessories enter the amount of boxes/QTY needed. When purchasing carpet, grass, or vinyl use the drop-down to select either cut length or a roll. The first box should always be a whole number, the second box is for the length of your cut if you are requesting a cut.

Checking Out

Once you have added your items to the basket the next step is to check out. In the top right corner next to ‘Logout’ is ‘Basket ( )’, with the current contents in brackets. Click here and use the checkout button at the bottom to proceed with the order. Simple!

View your order history and keep on track of your spending

Keep a record of your orders and easily place the same order through ‘order history’ on the menu, both on the desktop site and on the mobile app. You will find a full list of your orders here, you can also search for specific orders by order number, date and customer reference.

Adding to favourites for quick ordering

You can quickly create a list of your most ordered products

by selecting ‘Favourite Products’. On each product there is a

grey star, tap the star to mark the product as a favourite, un-tap it to take it off the list.

Shopping lists

For items you get delivered often it’s even faster to order, just create a shopping list. You can give your lists different names, such as ‘Mondays order’. To do this, when in your basket, click ‘Add To List’.

We are here to help you. Seeing our customers thrive is important to us and in this current climate, going digital has never been more of a priority for businesses. Which is why we've launched an online coaching service for our customers, to help those looking to grow their online presence and see their business grow as a result.

Interested? Give us a call on 028 9751 0932 or email us.

Did you know you can place your orders online or on our mobile app on Android or IOS?

We recently launched our online ordering service to give our customers an efficient and reliable way to place their orders. We recently sent out a survey to the current users of the app to find out what they thought about it. One of the benefits they highlighted was the ability it gave them to check stock on their phone, allowing them to keep talking to their customers and finish the sale. Whereas, before, they would have had to ask some shoppers to give them time to go and check their desired product was in stock at Flanagans hindering them from completing the sale then and there.

"I exclusively order through the app. It's useful to check stock and sign up customers on the spot. It's fantastic." David, a Flanagans Customer

We want to give even more to our customers so we are now offering users the ability to request a new sign in, where the prices aren't shown on screen. This means they can show their consumers all the ranges of product on offer through the app. Also, we now have room shots available alongside decor shots for many ranges across the app. This gives our customers even more tools to sell their products. Head to our customer portal and check out what other resources we offer our customers.

Have you got a Flanagans account and haven't yet tried our desktop, tablet and mobile app? Flanagans customers should have received their login details via email, however if this hasn't reached you you can request access today by emailing

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