IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Your subfloor must be completely level to install LVT flooring.

Also, LVTs cannot be installed without an appropriate underlay.


Make it level

The first thing to do when preparing to install an LVT is remove any existing floor coverings and carefully inspect the subfloor to make sure it is completely level. You can test this by laying down a board at different points on your floor and scanning for any gaps.

LVT flooring cannot be installed unless the subfloor is completely level.

Smooth it out

Next, spend time making sure the subfloor is smooth. Sweep and hoover the floor and check for any debris, bumps or irregularities, as these will cause problems later on in the process. You can use a levelling compound to smooth out any minor irregularities.

Moisture levels

There are two ways to ensure the moisture levels of your subfloor is suitable.

Firstly, you can use a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity (RH). LVT products can only be installed on subfloors with moisture levels below 75% RH. If the reading is above 75% RH, you must install a surface damp proof membrane (DPM).

Alternatively, you can use a moisture metre to make sure the moisture content of your subfloor does not exceed the following CM (Carbide Method) measurements:

Wood: <10% CM

Concrete: <2-3% CM (or <1.5% CM with underfloor heating)

Anhydrite: <0.5% CM

Remember to switch off your underfloor heating 24 hours before and after installing your flooring.


LVTs cannot be installed without an appropriate underlay. We recommend underlays that are no more than 1.5mm thick, such as our LVT underlay.


Once you've made sure your floor is completely level, smooth and clean and you've got the correct type of underlay - you're ready to go!

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