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Tips for a Successful Sales Call

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Flanagan's sales tips

1. Answer the phone

This may sound obvious but don’t expect your sales team to answer all inbound sales calls. It is important to answer in a polite and professional manner for example Good Morning, name of company and name of the person answering the call.

2. Always Smile 😊 – even though the customer can’t see you smile they can hear it. A smile lifts your voice giving a more welcoming tone.

3. Polite and friendly telephone manner at all times

Being polite and friendly doesn’t cost you anything but means a lot for the company – courtesy and being hospitable puts the customer at ease and helps build the reputation of the company as a customer-friendly business.

4. Good Listening skills

No problem is too big or too small, don’t get frustrated if a customer has a complaint or an issue. It is important to give them your attention and listen to the problem to find a solution if needs to pass the complaint on to a manager.

5. Don't Assume

Don’t make assumptions about what the customer may mean or what they need. The customer will appreciate a call back to make sure the item is correct rather than receive the wrong thing.

6. Don’t waffle

If you don’t know the answer to a query, the worst thing to do is pretend to know the answer. It is better to say you don’t know but will try and find out, if necessary call them back with an answer, the customer will appreciate this more in the long run than receive the wrong information.

7. Strive to provide the service you would want to receive

Cliché but providing the best service you can is beneficial for all ( both the customers and business).

By following these tips you can ensure to meet the customer’s needs and achieve overall Customer Satisfaction. Thus giving them a pleasant and memorable experience on the phone so they will continue to engage with your company.


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