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Rockwood Engineered Luxury Stone Flooring

Our Rockwood Flooring launches this month. Primarily made of limestone, it has the strength and durability of natural stone, creating a durable long-lasting, fashionable floor uniquely perfect for commercial and domestic use. View the brochure here: Rockwood Flooring

The limestone core is combined with non-porous vinyl to add flexibility, warmth and protection. This innovative new product brings together the best of natural stone and luxury vinyl, creating a comfortable, practical and visually appealing floor. It’s more wear-resistant, fire-resistant and waterproof than many varieties of traditional flooring. Rockwood is an upgrade of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), with its specially designed 5G locking system, easy installation and excellent compatibility ideal for both the residential and commercial environments.

The advantages of SPC Flooring:

Superfine Anti-slipping and Wear-resistant The wear layer of Rockwood flooring is specialised in skid resistance and compared to regular flooring, it has a higher level of friction when wet. In fact, research shows that when areas with high volume traffic installed Rockwood flooring the proportion of falls and injuries reduced by 70% in comparison to other floorings. Its transparent thick wear layer helps expand its life span for up to 5-10 years. It also has a strong performance on anti-acid and alkali corrosion. Thus making it the ideal choice of flooring in public places such as airports, hospitals and schools, where safety requirements are higher. 

Low Maintenance This is an ideal hassle-free product for any commercial environment. It won't crack, expand, or warp under heat which saves on a variety of repair and maintenance costs. Furthermore, it is easy to clean involving a simple mop, wax and polish to ensure ultimate shine, making it straightforward to maintain.

Easy installation This is an excellent advantage over regular vinyl flooring, with its Uniclic and 5G System ensuring simple installation saving time and money. The newly upgraded formula means it is more rigid and stable enabling it to be installed anywhere even for underfloor heating. Rockwood flooring is perfect to use for residential and commercial applications, the installation is faster than many other floorings which save you time and money.

Underlay Rockwood must be fitted with an underlay, for this, we have researched a high-end LVT/SPC underlay. Our LVT 1.5mm super high-density underlay will enhance the beneficial properties of the wood. It will improve heat retention, soundproofing and will ensure the flooring has an even longer life span.

100% Waterproof and Moisture-proof The main component of Rockwood is stone powder thus, it will not be influenced by water and mildew will not happen with high humidity. This enhances its usability ensuring suitability in numerous areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, where the traditional wooden floor cannot be applied.

Fire Retardant The fire-proof level of Rockwood flooring is up to B1 meaning it will self-extinguish in 5 seconds without producing any toxic or harmful gases.

Sound Absorbing Rockwood flooring has superb sound-absorbing performance compared with other normal ground material. This is perfect for commercial areas such as hospital wards, school libraries, lecture halls and theatres which require a quieter environment.

Environmentally Friendly  Rockwood is an exceptional material which can be recycled and reused, producing no pollution. It is a new eco-friendly floor based on new technology, which is Zero-formaldehyde, mould-resistant, moisture-proof and fire-retardant. When producing Rockwood flooring, there is no glue, benzene and radiation. It saves on wood usage and is sustainable.

Rockwood Engineered Luxury Stone flooring is set to be a forerunner in modern Flooring. It is more affordable, environmentally friendly and a great choice of flooring for commercial or residential use. We are confident Rockwood will last you a lifetime.

View our online brochure of the full Rockwood range here.


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