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What flooring works with underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is becoming popular in homes in the UK and Ireland. It's ideal in bathrooms to beat that morning chill first thing while getting ready. When combined with a condensing boiler underfloor heating can achieve energy efficiencies of over 90% and be cheaper to run than radiators.

The best type of flooring to use with underfloor heating is tile and stone. However, a compatible radiant heating system can be found for almost every floor finish. As a supplier and distributor, we have worked hard to source a collection of floor coverings designed to work perfectly with underfloor heating.

Carpets Many of our carpets are perfectly suited to enhance underfloor heating systems. It's down to the tog rating, the more insulation the carpet provides the harder it will be for the heat to get through the carpet. So you are looking for a low tog rating on the carpet to ensure it will work with your underfloor heating. If your carpet and underlay have a combined tog rating higher than 2.5 tog, you might want to consider replacing the carpet and/or underlay at the same time as you install underfloor heating, or using an alternative heating method to heat your home.

Vinyl Can also safely be used with most underfloor heating systems. As vinyl is a thin flooring most vinyl works perfectly to conduct heat without much needing done to them.

Laminate with underfloor heating depends on the thickness of the boards, floating floors with a robust click system will allow a good bit of heat through. It also depends on the density of the wood, ensure the wood is as dense as possible to allow for the best heat transfer.

LVT Requires an underlay and must be fitted with one. LVT underlay will work in harmony with the underfloor heating and the LVT. LVT works with underfloor heating systems up to 28 degrees.

We are manufacturers and distributors and do not sell directly to the public. Our products are available from all leading specialist flooring retailers.  


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