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Top Tips to ease you through your First Day at Flanagans

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

You've waded through hundreds of job adverts, met a tonne of recruiters, gone through the nail-biting interview stages and because of your hard work and preparation you've been offered the job! Well done, now it's time to sit back and relax - except you find that your interview nerves have immediately been replaced with first-day jitters.

Each workplace is completely different. They have different ways of working, different products, computer systems, different decision-makers and even how they 'do lunch' will differ. What if you're not dressed right, sit in the wrong chair or get someone’s name wrong? First days are daunting but at Flanagan's, we're here to ease you through it.

The week before you start we'll be in touch to run through some of the basics like how to dress, where to park, and the best Saintfield eats this is the perfect opportunity for you to ask any of those burning questions you may have. To save you the stress we've put together a few pointers to help you on that all-important first week:

1. Shadowing someone is working hard.

For your first few days, you'll probably not feel like you've done much "actual work" because you'll likely be shadowing another member of staff. But we want you to be confident before you get started giving you the best opportunity to succeed. It's hard work to learn a new role so don't be concerned that it's taking too long, we'd much rather you take your time learning the ropes rather than rushing in before you're ready.

2. Asking questions is great.

The best way to the top is by asking others for help. The very first thing we want you to learn is who's best to ask for what job and to make sure you're comfortable enough in the workplace to ask. As a company, we have a lot of products, customers and moving parts so there is no question too big or small, and if the person you ask doesn't know they'll help you find out.

3. Be open.

We're a friendly bunch, the office is lively and good-natured and we'll be ready to get you involved in any conversation. There'll be many opportunities for you to get to know your team, whether that's while you're working alongside them or having a chat at tea break.

We want your first day to be exciting so focus on getting to know the rest of us and learning as you go and you'll feel a part of the family in no time.


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