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Three interior design colour trends in 2019 to match with your flooring

The world is a little smaller and a little fuller when we are all connected, sometimes the choice can be a little overwhelming. So we have pin pointed just three simple colour and interior design trends for your inspiration, that we see being big in 2019.

Navy and Gold

Rich navy and royal blues paired with strong golds and mustards are being seen more at the end of this year. After a few years of mute tones people seeking a bolder identity for their home will find it with these hues. This paired with floral and animal imagery will set a bold and unique tone in any room. You’ll find complimenting boldness in our Ornamento and Xpressions laminate ranges.

Dark greens, blacks and nature

Carrying on with the nature theme, these dark natural greens bring us back a little more to the natural world. Giving a more holistic and natural palette for kitchens and bathrooms, allowing the space to feel more natural and relaxed. These greens mixed well with blacks and whites but also more natural hues like sands, browns and warm greys. Some of our more rustic looking vinyls and laminates will suit these colours and styles. Such as our Supreme 4v flooring above.

Textures and Pastels

The trends toward Millennial pink and rose gold are starting to fade, but have been revived slightly through textured walls and furniture. Pastel pinks and cold greys will continue to be popular at the start of next year. We have many options for beautifully soft grey carpet for added warmth and a sense of superior relaxation for any living room or bedroom.


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