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5 reasons why a clean carpet is essential

Carpet maintenance is key to a long life for any carpet and it should happen more often that you think. Here are five reasons why it is fundamental.

Germs, Mites and Bacteria It should come as no surprise that carpets are ideal environments for harbouring all sorts of harmful bacteria, dust mites and germs that build up on a daily basis. While these can be kept at bay with a regular vacuum, a good deep clean is essential to eradicate them from the carpet fibres and restore any carpet to its former health. Leaving them untreated can result in a build-up of moulds and other harmful elements that can trigger allergies – and it’s also just plain gross.

Allergies People with asthma can be seriously affected by carpets in the home, so having your carpets cleaned is actually good for your health, as well as your furnishings. Removing the build-up of bacteria that can gather in your carpet is much more hygienic, and as a result a clean carpet can also improve the air quality in your home too as it will kill any odours that might be trapped in there.

This is also important for young children, who spend their day exploring the world on their hands and knees on this carpet. Just make sure that the company who cleans your carpet uses non-toxic products so there are no harmful chemicals present.

Good for your carpet Carpets are an investment in any home and should be maintained to obtain the full value from them. If they’re not looked after dirt will build-up and replacement will be required more often, which is an expensive habit that can be broken with a professional clean. This helps to restore the colour and the fibres to make any carpet look, feel and smell brand new again.

Dirt This inescapable fact of life is present everywhere, but especially in carpets. Unless outdoor shoes are removed every time individuals step into the hall, there will be microscopic amounts of dirt piling up into carpet fibres. Similarly, pets will carry dirt and other germs on their paws. Thus regular carpet cleanliness is fundamental, especially in places where there is high traffic like hallways and stairs in order to keep on top of this debris.

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