Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is an important part of the floor covering market in the UK which is why we invest heavily in providing our customers with a wide variety of Solid Wood species and finishes sourced from across the globe. 

Whilst many retailers and end consumers have made the switch to Semi-Solid flooring due to its increasing popularity and additional fitting benefits we still believe it is important to offer customers the choice which is why you will find one of the best wholesale solid wood flooring selections in the UK with us. We offer, Ash, Acacia, Birch, Bamboo, Cherry, Merbau, Oak and many other species of solid flooring at wholesale prices directly to our retail and contract customers.

We also offer a great selection of finishes to choose from so end users will be sure to find something to suit their needs for commercial or domestic use. We can supply species in a Lacquered, Brushed and Lacquered, Oiled, Brushed and Oiled, Hand Scraped, Smoked or White Oiled finish and regularly have a mixture of unique or exclusive stained finishes not available anywhere else in the market so you can offer your clients an air of exclusivity when buying from us.

We regularly maintain stock of traditional 18mm products in a range of board widths to suit to your clients requirements anywhere from 90mm, 120mm, 150mm and even wider so you can avoid the disappointment of having to wait for stock to be replenished. We also offer a variety of special products and exotic species which you won't find anywhere else!

If you need solid wood flooring and are a retail or contract customer don't hesitate to contact us today!