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Which underlay to buy?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Underlay is underused in our eyes. Underlays are a thin layer of cushioned materials made of things such as sponge, rubber, foam, felt, or they can even be made from recycled plastics. Some people see it as an option or an addition, but it is an integral part of your flooring. It can extend the life of your flooring by up to 30 - 50% in most cases. The right underlay will save you money in the long run so it's important to choose well.

No matter the flooring type a good underlay will extend the life of the flooring, act as a shock and sound absorber, reduce heat loss, repel moisture and mould, and level out the surface. Different types of flooring require different types of underlay and include different additional benefits.

Underlay for carpets

With carpet underlay always check the tog. A tog rating is much like that on duvets and bedding and is a measure of heat insulation. A lower tog of below 2.5 when combined with your carpet tog rating means the flooring will be perfect with underfloor heating systems. If you don't have underfloor heating then a higher tog rating will ensure warmth is held within your flooring better, saving on heating bills. A thicker underlay will also add to the comfort and create a very cushioned flooring to walk on.

Underlay for wood flooring

We offer a range of foam, rubber and fibreboard options in wooden flooring underlays.

On top of the tog rating, check that your underlay contains the right materials to be compatible with underfloor heating systems. The likes of our Timberlux underlay is suited for underfloor heating and has excellent heat retention properties and can be fitted with floating floor installations.

Our Soundtronic Gold has a good decibel rating. The higher the Db rating the more sound reduction the underlay will have. Ever been annoyed by the heavy footsteps of the neighbor above? All could be solved with a good Db rated underlay.

Underlay for hybrid, rigid core and SPC/LVT flooring

It is very important to use an underlay with an SPC or LVT flooring. Hybrid floors are a new type of flooring with a rigid core to create a really strong and ultra think floor covering. These floors are hard-wearing but need an underlay to support the joints and help to even the sub-layer. Without an underlay, this flooring will have a far shorter lifespan and may even lift and break. We offer an underlay specifically designed to work with LVT and SPC flooring and still offer all the benefits of our other underlays.

Underlay with vinyl flooring

Because of the way vinyl floors are fitted, and underlay cannot be used. But this is why felt backed underlay was developed. Felt back vinyl is a vinyl flooring with the underlay built-in, giving you a softer feel underfoot making standing in the room for long periods more pleasant. It is also suitable for use with underfloor heating in most cases.

We are manufacturers and distributors and do not sell directly to the public. Our products are available from all leading specialist flooring retailers. Want to sell our products? Get in touch with us and we will put you in contact with one of our sales managers in your area.


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