Three interior design colour trends in 2019 to match with your flooring

 Our Supreme 4V matches beautifully with dark greens

Our Supreme 4V matches beautifully with dark greens

The world is a little smaller and a little fuller when we are all connected, sometimes the choice can be a little overwhelming. So we have pin pointed just three simple colour and interior design trends for your inspiration, that we see being big in 2019.

Navy and Gold

Rich navy and royal blues paired with strong golds and mustards are being seen more at the end of this year. After a few years of mute tones people seeking a bolder identity for their home will find it with these hues. This paired with floral and animal imagery will set a bold and unique tone in any room. You’ll find complimenting boldness in our Ornamento and Xpressions laminate ranges.

Dark greens, blacks and nature

Carrying on with the nature theme, these dark natural greens bring us back a little more to the natural world. Giving a more holistic and natural palette for kitchens and bathrooms, allowing the space to feel more natural and relaxed. These greens mixed well with blacks and whites but also more natural hues like sands, browns and warm greys. Some of our more rustic looking vinyls and laminates will suit these colours and styles. Such as our Supreme 4v flooring above.

Textures and Pastels

The trends toward Millennial pink and rose gold are starting to fade, but have been revived slightly through textured walls and furniture. Pastel pinks and cold greys will continue to be popular at the start of next year. We have many options for beautifully soft grey carpet for added warmth and a sense of superior relaxation for any living room or bedroom.

Modern felt vinyl - no need for an underlay

Clark 05_landscape_17873.jpg

At Flanagans we have a flare for flooring, whether it’s staring at a beautiful hardwood flooring all day or doing something more practical with our time – pretty much everything we do involves floors. And vinyl is a fantastic option for those looking for affordable and elegant flooring for their home, and now vinyl has gotten a bit upgrade with felt backing.

What is vinyl flooring?
Vinyl flooring is a surprisingly resilient synthetic flooring that has flooded the market in recent decades with easy-to-lay waterproof sheets. Sheet vinyl is quicker to lay than tiles and can be laid in one seamless sheet if you’re doing a small room. Felt backed vinyl adds all the benefits of using an underlay as you would with carpets or laminate and wood floors. A felt backed vinyl provides more warmth, is softer to the step, and help extend the life of the flooring.


The benefits?

Variety of design options
Vinyl can be laminate, wood, tile effect or stone effect, the finish can be a light, medium or dark shade, and choose between 2/3 or 4m widths with most vinyls, with all these choices vinyl gives you more options than a box of Bertie Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts.

Easy to clean
Vinyl is very low maintenance. Sweep it regularly and occasionally go over with a damp mop, job done. There are coatings available as well, protection against fading, scratches, stains and moisture marks.

Vinyl sheet and tile are among the most affordable flooring available, cheaper than ceramic tiles, floating wood tiles, carpet, hardwood, engineered wood, bamboo, cork and stone!

Laying vinyl 

Installation is easy, Vinyl can be glued or nailed over sub-flooring.
As ever, it is important that the floor is as clean and level as possible – this helps ensure any new vinyl flooring will be even and well supported. Protective knee pads should always be used when laying new flooring. And of course keep sharp objects out of reach of children.

Preparing the room for any vinyl floor
Ensure to remove furniture in the room in which vinyl flooring will be installed. Contact a gas engineer about safely disconnecting and reconnecting gas appliances.

After the installation
Spend the first 24 hours avoiding seamed areas or these will warp, after then vinyl will be good
to go. If an adhesive has been used to lay the vinyl, do not replace appliances for a minimum of 24-72 hours after installation and avoid mopping for about five days. The adhesives need time to cure.

Protect vinyl flooring by covering the legs of furniture with felt protectors – a good tip with any wooden floor to be honest. 

Laminates created for the bathroom and kitchen.

Almada Glazed Ornamento flooring.png

We are constantly exploring extraordinary new collections searching for those that have a sense of style and class; we believe the new Ornamento Range from Classen has just that. It is a lucrative combination of abstract patterns and recurring motifs, combined with a wealth of colours. This antique range reflects a ravenous vintage look, exuding with authenticity.

Ornamento is on trend in residential bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. But we see the potential

There are 6 superb Decors for you to choose, from the homologous design of the the Ornamento Linares, to the unique feel of the Ornamento Marbella Glazed. There is most certainly a colour pallet to accommodate every taste. Not only does this stunning range look fantastic it also comes with many benefits. Simplicity is defined within, with its easy to Install Megaloc laying system and low maintenance making the process convenient and hassle free. Furthermore, its strong AC4 rating enhances its suitability for those Heavy Domestic Home Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as well as the fact it is applicable with underfloor heating and many commercial settings. This spectacular range comes with 20 Years Residential Guarantee.

Ornamento will be a perfect complement to the interior in any home. This abstract style, is made up of small squares, on a monochrome scale, and is perfectly combined with monophonic walls and light furniture. good resistance to pressure, abrasion and ultraviolet. 

Classen Ornamento Linares Roomshot.jpg

Due to the high quality of manufacture, ease of installation and maintenance, the laminate becomes not only an ornament, but also a functional addition in any living room. Fastening of laths is carried out by means of system Megalock. The small thickness of the canvas allows the laminate to warm up quickly, so this decorative coating can be used in conjunction with the "warm floor" systems.


Ornamento click laminate is not only beautiful, but also extremely practical and easy to use. The compact tile format of only 30 x 60 cm and the low package weight make the extremely easy handling possible.

Easy to install ... the small plank size in combination with the unique Classen megaloc quick installation system: this makes Ornamento easy to lay even by inexperienced do-it-yourselfers.

The laminate floor can be furnished and loaded immediately after installation. It is also pressure- and abrasion-resistant, insensitive to stains and easy to clean - simply wipe with a damp cloth. That's all.

Make them green with envy... Why choose artificial grass?

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 15.09.54.png

Hassle-free, eco-friendly and highly affordable, our Infinity Grass revolutionises landscaping. Artificial grass now looks as real as natural grass and feels much more pleasant to walk on. With many unique benefits more people are opting for this as an alternative way to add some colour to an office, or as a low maintenance outdoor area that’s perfect for those with hay fever.

Commercial and Residential use
Low maintenance costs backed by a 7 year warranty makes this product ideal for high traffic commercial areas such as parks, yards, and in front of businesses. Also ideal for sports areas, football fields, golf courses, and hotels the possibilities are endless! Infinity grass is easily customisable and can be modified to fit virtually any space.

It’s been proven that a little bit of green in the office can have an impact to your employees morale and can improve overall efficiency, with larger companies like Google opting for creative uses of artificial grass indoors why not try it in employee break areas or creating a calm room, or even at their desks. You’re only limited by you imagination when it comes to artificial landscaping both indoor and out.


Simple to look after
Real grass requires annual maintenance and weekly trimming in the growing season. Infinity grass is UV resistant, stain proof and remains green all year round. You never have to worry about watering, mowing or weeding. This makes it perfect for those wanting a green outdoor area with none of the hassle. Artificial grass can be hoovered and is bleach cleanable, making maintenance supper easy. This is perfect for high traffic areas such as bars. with many trendy venues in Belfast such as The Perch and Babel using artificial greenery to great effect.

 Babel in Belfast

Babel in Belfast

Pet and Family Friendly
Infinity Grass safe for kids and pets. No matter the weather children can play outside without you having to worry about muddy footprints or paws and dark wet patches appearing in your yard. Our grass is completely permeable, anti static and non flammable. No need to worry about holes appearing overnight in the garden, or it turning yellow in the sun and dying. It also allows for some more create options, such as the modern tend or mixing flooring textures.


Infinity grass is resistant to everything modern life can throw at it. If you are considering a lawn or some indoor greenery, artificial grass will allow you to experiment and get creative, while keeping the costs low.